May 31, 2013

Dress Deanne

Dress Deanne

Material : Chiffon with full lining
Motif : Plain
Colours : Electric Blue, Mint Green, Mustard, Purple, Turquoise, Black
Ukuran :  free size (recommended fit up to L size)
*dress length 140cm
*bust 50cm
*waist 45cm
*armhole 23cm
*sleeve length 58cm

Harga : RM70 excluding postage



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May 25, 2013

Mustache Ring

Mustache Ring

Pheww, terupdate jugak Enchantress akhirnya. Kali ni Enchantress update accessories pulak ye.

Mustache Double Finger Ring  
Material : Gold Plated Enamel 
Colour : Pink, White, Black, Alice Blue
Price : RM8

Buy second ring at only RM6!




Alice Blue

Contoh pemakaian :

credit to Tumblr

Mustache Single Finger Ring
Material : Gold Plated Enamel
Colour : Pink, White, Black, Red
Price : RM7

*Buy second ring at only RM5!

Red, Pink, White, Black

Differences between double and single ring:

Happy Accessorizing!